Rail Delivery

Why Choose Rail Delivery of Bulk Materials?

For a large number of companies, a dedicated rail corridor leading to the factory for the delivery of raw materials is the symbol of success. For without doubt, it is highly expensive to have a rail line laid to the factory, as well as the cost of operating and maintaining. And even in the case where the rail company or material supplier funds the laying of the tracks, the agreement will include the number of years or tons of materials that must be delivered over the rail. So in the end, the company will pay for the laying of the tracks.

And the question we at LaborSave ask is, if we can offer a solution that provides the convenience of rail delivery, with the cost of sacks and no long-term purchase agreements at unfavorable rates?

The benefits of rail delivery are low labor costs, no risk of contamination, safety, no loss of raw materials, and overall convenience. The downside of rail delivery is being tied down in a contract to a single supplier, and paying a premium rate for the use of the rail line.

The benefits of LaborSave are also low labor costs, highly reduced risk of contamination, safety, 99.99% emptying of raw materials, and a machine which is made to last with a product warranty to back it up.  However, unlike rail delivery, the company is not tied down to any single supplier, and we actually lower the operating costs.