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Coffee is always a good idea

The coffee industry has made its acquaintance with LaborSave, our patented, fully automatic material handling solution, over a decade ago.

We started out with a test run for one of Europe’s largest coffee companies, during which LaborSave successfully unloaded 50kg and 70kg jute bags of coffee beans.  

Dozens of LaborSave systems have been sold since to coffee manufacturers and various world-renowned brands (e.g., Ediya, Twosomeplace  and Probat), diligently processing hundreds of tons of coffee beans daily.  

… You know the saying ‘Humanity runs on coffee’?

There’s an add-on saying: ‘And coffee runs on LaborSave’

We listen

We have always had a musical ear when it came to our customer’s needs and wants. More often than not, being a good listener actually serves us just as much as it serves our customers.

Back in 2006 when LaborSave just started out, the CEO of Ayal Robotics and Engineering visited a potential customer in Turkey, who unloaded 400 tons/day of #plastic pellets. The chief engineer of the Turkish customer took the CEO for a tour in the factory and showed him how they achieve emptying efficiency of 99.99% by manually opening and emptying bags of raw material.

Astound by the level of competence of manual labor compared with LaborSave’s “mere” 99.90% back then, the CEO informed LaborSave’s R&D team they had to match.

LaborSave’s robotics and engineering staff rose to the challenge and set a 99.99% emptying rate as LaborSave’s standard.

Needless to say, the Turkish customer was more than happy to place an order for a LaborSave system, and an installation date was set.

Intrigued by what he has heard, Ayal’s CTO decided to join the installation in turkey. Once there, he asked to see for himself the wonder of that 99.99% manual emptying, only to discover that in reality, 1.5% (!) of the raw material unloaded by hand was consistently left on the production floor for an actual efficiency of 98.5%.

At the end of the day, the customer’s “display” of efficiency got him a superior system, but also allowed LaborSave to set an unmatched standard for the entire industry.


Chef-quality blades

If the robotics industry had a Michelin-guide equivalent, LaborSave would have been awarded 3 stars. And yes, LaborSave’s chef-quality blades have something to do with it.

With a durable, pre-treated stainless-steel core and coating and a special blade design and arrangement, the LaborSave blades always stay sharp, while delivering clean cuts to all types of bags, and ensuring maximum emptying of sack content.

For more information on LaborSave’s remarkable features, drop us an email or call. 


93 workdays saved/year

LaborSave’s feeding conveyor and empty pallet conveyor and stacker elevate the efficiency of the sack emptying workstation to new heights, saving up to 2.5 hours per 8-hour shift (!), and a total of 93 workdays per year (!).

Several LaborSave customers took efficiency even further. They use the feeding conveyor as a substitute to storage space, loading raw material off the truck and directly into the silo en route LaborSave, thus saving on expensive real estate and resolving potential water penetration, and bag wear and tear problems common with outdoor storage of raw material.

* Based on 50 sec. of time saved per pallet; single work shift per day and 280 work days per year.


"Best in efficiency, reliability & quality"

We love letting our customers “do the talking”.

Here’s what a BOPP & CPP, PE Film manufacturer has to say:

“LaborSave is the best combination when it comes to greater efficiency, reliability, and quality. The fully automated machine at Plastchim-T has set a new standard for bag-opening and emptying rate for our plant. The LaborSave G2 machine model at Plastchim-T helps our operators unload up to 800 bags/hour – it is the ideal capacity for our factory.

Because it is a completely closed process, it prevents from contaminating the material during the sack-emptying and our workers are not exposed to any dangers.

The technological solution from LaborSave, coupled with the highest standard of efficiency, is what our company needs.

The LaborSave machine is so much automated, that even the pallets are well-arranged at a platform on the machine and easily picked up by the workers. The processes around the machine go so seamlessly!”

(-) Borislav Minkov, Technical Director, Plastchim-T AD, Bulgaria




Smart in every way

LaborSave, the fully automated sack emptying system, is smart in every possible way. The system’s best-in-class design, engineering and robotics are complemented by a proprietary LS-CMS software that ensures maximum efficiency of consumption and output of raw materials.
The LS-SMS software monitors the silo’s storage capacity and manages material unloading accordingly. If necessary, LaborSave stops its operations to avoid over filling the silo, and if the LS-CMS detects that silo levels are low, the system sounds an alert to urge the loading of full pallets to the loading dock.
Intrigued? Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will take it from there.  


Material handling robotics at its best

Robotics are the heart and soul of LaborSave. The patented, fully automated sack emptying system makes use of the most advanced robotics systems to discharge sack content efficiently and quickly.
Every action performed by LaborSave is triggered by a robotic sensor and controlled and monitored by a system of checks and balances. A second set of robotic sensors verifies the successful completion of an action before the next begins and provided real time alerts to any problem that may arise.
LaborSave’s high-level robotic components allow it to communicate with peripheral and other equipment in the factory, such as silo loading systems, conveying systems, and various enterprise resource planning systems.
At the beginning and end of the day, it is the quality, efficiency and complete level of control that truly separates LaborSave from any other sack emptying solution.


LaborSave vs. “competitor”

Many a times we are called upon by customers to ‘save the day’ and have LaborSave replace a competitor’s not up to par debagging machine that malfunctioned or simply fell apart.

The lesson is quite straightforward and has to do with one’s palate: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”



Global irrigation company opts LaborSave

We’re proud to announce Metzer has chosen LaborSave as its fully automated solution for handling and filling its bulk silos.

Metzer, a leading global designer and manufacturer of high-quality irrigation products, has enjoyed Ayal Robotics and Engineering’s professional support and thorough guidance from planning and configuration to final system installation.  

Thank you Metzer. Happy we could be of service.


Back injuries "medicine"

Manually lifting bags of raw material, whether performed by a single worker or together by two, is a leading cause of musculoskeletal injuries.

These back injuries, defined as work accident, may occur suddenly as a result of an improper movement or posture while lifting, or may be a cumulative wear damage, occurring when repetitively performing the task of lifting heavy loads.

The prevalence of back injuries is the reason many countries have already adapted regulations and guidelines that address, among other things, the weight being lifted by an employee, the lifting height, and the lifting frequency.

In the U.S., for instance, the ACGIH (American Conference of Industrial Hygienists) recommends limiting lifting weight to 70 lbs., while the NIOSH (US National Institute of Safety and Health) recommends limiting the weight to 50 lbs. Both institutes agree a lower weight limit is required when frequent lifting is involved.

Conversely, in the UK no reference is made to the weight being lifted, however, the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (amended in 2002) require employers to avoid hazardous manual handling as far as reasonably practicable, assess the risk of injury, and reduce the risk of injury as far as reasonably practicable.

Even when considering the legal standards enacted by different countries, the fact remains that manual handling of heavy weights contributes over 33% to reported work-related injuries.

And while work safety should be the most important criterion, employers cannot ignore the significant costs attributed to lost workdays, compensation in cases of debilitating injuries, and governmental fines imposed when inappropriate material handling methods and means are used.

LaborSave, the patented, fully automatic sack opening and emptying system, completely eliminates the manual lifting element of material handling, safely and efficiently.


LaborSave’s birth story

LaborSave, the world’s first automatic solution for sack cutting and emptying, was born out of a root cause analysis exercise at a plastics factory looking to cut back on employee costs. Noticing how ineffective and time consuming the manual process of opening and emptying heavy sacks can be, LaborSave’s founders developed a solution that automatically cuts multiple bags at once and empties the contents into the hopper; completely removing the need for employees to lift, cut or empty the sacks, while reducing the risk of contamination.

The factory, in which LaborSave was first installed, quickly

realized there were now significantly less instances of machine downtime, fewer

employee injuries, greater workflow efficiency, dramatic saving on material

loss, and a better use of raw materials.

More than 18 years later, nearly 1,000 systems installed all around the world, prove what a “sack-cess” story LaborSave is.