Sunday, 20 October 2013 07:09

World’s Largest Beverage Manufacturer Chooses LaborSave


October 15, 2013 Germany

LaborSave, the world’s leading supplier of automatic sack cutting and emptying machinery, has announced the closing of a deal with the world’s largest beverage manufacturer to supply all of its global manufacturing facilities with the LaborSave system. The terms of the deal state that the first system will be deployed by the end of 2013, with tens of other systems to be deployed in the upcoming years. 

Mr. Itsik Mann, the CEO of LaborSave was quite pleased with the deal. “With several hundred global deployments, LaborSave has already built its brand name in the plastics and chemicals industry. We have recently begun marketing our solution to the beverage industry as well, and it is truly fitting that we signed a deal with a company of this size and brand identity. This deal is definitely a pivotal point in the history of the LaborSave.” 

Mr. Benni Cohen, LaborSave’s Chief Engineer commented on the signing of the deal, “The technical requirements of the LaborSave for the beverage industry as a whole, and this client in particular, are essentially identical to the plastics industry. Albeit minor modifications which we incorporated for this client, the LaborSave has proven itself as a versatile solution which caters to the needs of multiple industries.” 

When asked about what aspect of the LaborSave most impressed the client, Mr Mann answered, “We are dealing here with a company that is in the Fortune 100, and with a market cap of many billions of dollars. They run a highly efficient manufacturing process in hundreds of locations across the globe, and they were therefore highly concerned about maintaining and even improving the manufacturing infrastructure already in place. I believe that in addition to the cost saving benefits that the LaborSave provides, this company was truly impressed by our track record of no machine downtime. Throughout the years that LaborSave has been in business, and in the hundreds of deployments which we have already been through, the instances that the LaborSave was shutdown due to technical malfunction can be counted on a single hand. There is simply no similar solution which can make a claim like this, and I believe that this is what truly sold the LaborSave to this client.” 

For information on how the LaborSave can improve your manufacturing process, please contact LaborSave.