Wednesday, 10 July 2013 08:28

First User Meeting

Among the existing LaborSave users in Israel is the company Netafim, the world's leading supplier of drip agriculture equipment. Netafim produces over 50,000 tons of polyethylene tubing each year, and relies on LaborSave to automatically open and empty approximately 3,500 sacks of high quality PE resins each day.
The Netafim floor manager spoke to the crowd about his experience with LaborSave, and testified that since obtaining the system 3 years prior, there has not been a single instance of breakdown or downtime. Productivity has increased tremendously at the factory, and he believes that the high productivity rate of the company is one of the main attractive points that contributed to the recent acquisition of Netafim by a large investment fund.
In addition, Mr. Itsik Mann, the CEO of Eyal Robotics and co-designer of the LaborSave system spoke to the crowd about what is involved in a LaborSave deployment. "LaborSave works closely with each and every client to deliver a product that is fit exactly to the needs of the factory. Whether you are opening plastic resins or pharmaceutical powders, LaborSave will immediately reduce operating costs and fully return your investment within the first year." 
The event was a great success with several companies expressing interest in the LaborSave automatic sack emptying system.