Tuesday, 23 July 2013 18:21

Large Frozen Food Supplier

The company contacted LaborSave several months ago in order to find a solution to high labor costs stemming from its unique working conditions. The company has a giant warehouse that is kept at -20C all year round, and in use 24 hours a day. Due to the extreme cold, it has 3 teams on each 8 hour shift (so that no individual is in the warehouse for more than 20 minutes straight), totaling 24 teams. In addition, each team member requires special insulated clothing to protect them from the cold.

After several months of on site trials, the company was sufficiently impressed to purchase multiple LaborSave systems, and plans to take delivery of them within the next couple weeks.

Mr. Itzik Mann, Founder and CEO of LaborSave commented on this important deal, “LaborSave has its roots in the plastics industry, but with this order, it is clear that LaborSave is now a key player in the food industry as well.”

According to the company , this order will be the first of multiple orders, as they gradually switch over all of their warehouses from manual sack emptying to LaborSave.