Monday, 22 September 2014 08:36

Client Survey Results

We’re not embarrassed to say that we love LaborSave. But our love for LaborSave is more than just the pride of having discovered a need in the market, and building a proven solution. Rather, it’s the type of love that each time we see the LaborSave in action, we take a second to marvel at how much it has done to improve so many aspects of factory operations.

But it’s not enough to take our word for it. We’ve recently conducted a survey of some our clients to hear how LaborSave has affected their business.

All we can say is check out the results, as they speak for themselves.

(Statistics are based on the results of 73 respondents. Each survey question consisted of a choice of 1-6 responses, in addition to space for writing other comments. )


Q. On average how many hours a day is LaborSave operated?

“One hour of LaborSave is more efficient than an entire shift of bag cutters. We started using LaborSave for only two hours per day, and have since expanded our production capacity to keep up with LaborSave.”


Q. How often is there a malfunction with LaborSavewhich causes the production line to stop?

“We’ve had LaborSave installed for over 6 years, operating full days, 300+ days per year. During this time, the blades have not dulled, the mechanical arm has not rested, and the hopper has never been empty.”


Q. Do you believe LaborSave has been a worthwhile investment for your company?

“By far the best investment our factory has ever made.”


Q. How many weekly man hours do you estimate LaborSave has saved your factory?

“We’ve cut our labor expenses by 6% as a direct result of using LaborSave.”


Q. Mark off if you agree or disagree with the following statements about LaborSave.

“We’ve been able to put a value on almost all of the instances where LaborSave has cost us money. But the change in employee attitude and overall wellbeing is simply immeasurable…It is only now that we have LaborSave that we can appreciate how hard it is on the mind and body to manually lift and cut sacks all day long.”


Q. Has LaborSave met your expectations based on the sales process?

“We purchased LaborSave for the reduction in contaminants. What we got instead was a complete solution for workspace efficiency.”


Q. Per annum, how many contamination incidents do you estimate LaborSave has prevented?

“As a Safety and Quality Assurance manager for a large food processing company that operates 24 hours a day, there is nothing worse than receiving a midnight call about a possible contaminant. Since having LaborSave, I have been sleeping great.”


Q. Per annum, how many employee injuries do you estimate were prevented by having LaborSave?

“Our factory was averaging 19 sick days per employee before LaborSave. Today we are down to 7.”


Q. Per annum, how much raw material do you estimate has been saved by having LaborSave?

“I am happy to say that we are producing more per batch with LaborSave, and this can only be a result of the savings in material which came with LaborSave.”


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