Tuesday, 23 July 2013 08:28

Busy July


Awarded New Large Contracts for Food Industry

LaborSave was chosen to be the supplier of automated sack emptying systems for two of the wolrd’s largest food producers. In both instances, the contract involves outfitting all of the relevant factories with the LaborSave fully automated sack emptying system for the processing of coffee beans, sugar and other ingredients for carbonated drinks. The decision by both of these companies came down to simple economics. The cost savings which LaborSave brings to the table is so high, that the cost of the system is essentially returned within just a couple of months.

Passing 300

LaborSave has recently passed the 300 mark, selling 300 systems to clients throughout the globe. But for LaborSave, it is not the number of systems that have been sold, but rather how satisfied all of our clients have been with their purchase. And we are happy to say that we have a 100% satisfaction rate, a number that many would say is too high to be true. But at LaborSave, we really have no unsatisfied clients. The system has a long product life with essentially no need for repairs, cuts operating costs in half and increases efficiency by well over 80%. So with 240 clients, of which a large number have purchased more than one system, we are pleased with the track record we have obtained and feel comfortable with the direction of the company.